Pratomagno: Beautiful hikes and routes

If you love walking, from Villa Valentini you can reach the Pratomagno, a group of mountains that rises between the Valdarno and the Casentino north-west of Arezzo.

From Villa Valentini there are about 4 hours of beautiful walks in the name of health and nature. Accessible at any time, quiet and relaxing, the Pratomagno has always represented a point of reference for tourists and locals who, especially in summer or mid-season, take advantage of the days for a nice trip.

An iron cross on the summit of Pratomagno is characteristic, inaugurated in 1928 and restored in 2013

The trails worth walking are around the Pratomagno hills and include:

  • Menzano
  • Poggio Regina
  • Monte Acuto
  • Gastra
  • Casa Biondo

You can stop both to enjoy the view and for a pleasant picnic…

More information on Pratomagno can be found at the following Link

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